Fc Barcelona More Than Just A Club Case Study

Franch Bullich, Josep; Monta�a Matosas, Jordi; Turr� Sol, Andreu

FC Barcelona: More than just a club


The 'FC Barcelona: More than just a club' case study has been designed to be used in a Brand Management course and/or an International (or Global Marketing) course. It is recommended for advanced rather than basic or introductory courses. An alternative use of the case, not developed in this Instructor's Manual, could be in a class specifically on Sports Marketing or Sports Management. The main reasons why this case is ideally suited to students or course participants in an advanced Brand Management course or an International or Global Marketing course are: some knowledge of basic marketing concepts and branding is required; and the case deals with an industry which is more challenging to manage than an industrial or consumer goods industry. This case could be used with different target audiences: MSc students, MBA students with a variety of profiles and years of experience (full-time, part-time or executive MBA formats) and in Executive Education programs. The case, however, is not suited for undergraduate students unless they are in the final year of their studies and preferably are marketing majors. The main learning objectives of the 'FC Barcelona: More than just a club' case are: to analyse the main dimensions of a brand; to become aware of the difficulty and complexity of internationalising a brand and transferring its values to other markets; to assess the feasibility of introducing a brand in different foreign markets, specially with budget restrictions; and to discuss the implications of the branding decisions taken. FC Barcelona (Football Club Barcelona) is one of the most famous and richest football clubs in the world, with more than a hundred years of history. The club's business model has undergone important changes over the last 25 years, as has occurred with the entire football industry. Football has become an entertainment industry on its own, some years ago operating only locally and now globally. Today, football clubs are competing not only to win titles on the playing field but also to win market share, have more customers and generate higher profits by implementing different corporate and marketing strategies. Within this context, a major challenge for FC Barcelona marketing managers is how to expand globally, entering and growing in markets like North America or Asia, with high growth potential but where football is not the most popular sport. In addition, the main issue is how the FC Barcelona brand and its values can be made to appeal to those markets.

FC Barcelona: More than just a club
Franch Bullich, Josep; Monta�a Matosas, Jordi; Turr� Sol, Andreu
Boston (United States of America) 10/2010

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Case Study ‘FC Barcelona: More than just a club’1 Case Study ‘FC Barcelona: More than just a club’ On 26thAugust 2009, Lander Unzueta, FC Barcelona’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), was sitting in his office with his early morning cup of coffee in front of all the day’s newspapers. The day before, Jorge Valdano, General Manager of FC Barcelona’s archrival, Real Madrid, had declared to the German news agency DPA (Deutsche Presse Agentur): “Each [club] aims to occupy a place in the world from its own particular vision. Barcelona does it by looking from Catalonia inwards, while Real Madrid does it from Spain outwards...” Valdano’s words were on the front page of every Spanish sports newspaper and were also highlighted in the sports sections of all the major general newspapers in Spain. The international media were also echoing Valdano’s opinions. Unzueta knew for sure that this was going to be a hectic day, with journalists calling to get the expected reactions from FC Barcelona representatives. He also knew that it would not be long before different stakeholders jumped into the fray, expressing their views on the issue. But Unzueta also thought it was probably a good excuse to revise FC Barcelona’s global brand strategy. This case was written for ESADE Business School by Professors Josep Franch and Jordi Montaña and MSc student Andreu Turró, with assistance from MSc student Guillermo Muñoz. The authors would like to thank Lander Unzueta and Patricia Plasencia, FC Barcelona’s Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Manager respectively, for the information and assistance provided. The authors developed this case for class discussion rather than to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of the situation. The case, instructor’s manual, and synopsis were anonymously peer-reviewed and accepted by the North American Case Research Association (NACRA) for its annual meeting in October 2010, held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. All rights are reserved to the authors and NACRA. © 2010 by Josep Franch, Jordi Montaña and Andreu Turró. Contact person: Josep Franch, ESADE, Av. Pedralbes 60-62, 08034 Barcelona, Spain, (34) 93 280 6162, [email protected].

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