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Aha Moment

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Maurice Mitchell Jr.
November 19, 2012
ALED 340-902

Leadership AHA! Moment

I have worked at my job for going on four years. The company has continuously hired and fired people since I have been there, as far as the management go, I call it “The District Circle of Life”. The staff in which I work and interact with the most with is the Community Assistants (CA). A Community Assistant job combines being a Leasing Agent and a Resident Assistant into one job. The staff consist of twelve student workers that either attend Texas A&M University or Blinn College. We give tours of our property to prospective residents, handle legal documents, organize the office, and put on events for the residents that reside at our property. During…show more content…

Jerry has been with us for a few months now, but he has yet to blend in with the staff. He is currently stuck in Phase 1 of the LMX Theory. He is still considered the new member in the office because the staff knows him, but interactions are very limited. Majority of the staff has seem to have found something that they don’t like about him because it always seems that he is messing up or is unable to complete a task everything something is assigned to him. Recently, we had a social gathering at one of my coworker’s apartment and everyone came except Jerry. I asked if anyone had invited him and everyone kind of laughed or gave an excuse of why they didn’t want him there. That is when I had my Aha! Moment! It was all making sense of why he was not wanted amongst the group. He was an outsider, who did not mingle well with us. I thought this would be Jerry’s time to proceed into Phase 2, the acquaintance phase, but he will still stuck in the stranger phase. He was not in the in-group just yet; instead he belonged to the out-group. Either the Leadership-Member Exchange Theory made a lot of since at that moment or I had too many mixed drinks! The Leader-Member Exchange Theory is centered on interactions between the leader and follower. In this case the leader is Jerry and my coworkers and I are the followers. The relationship between leader and the follower in this relationship is defined by formal roles. The formal roles in which I am speaking about is only working

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Growing up is something that every one has to go through.   No matter who you are you will grow up.   When and how you grow could very from person to person.   Every one has different experiences growing up which makes use all one of a kind, but we learn from the mistakes and keep on living trying not to make the same mistake.   My life growing up and my parent’s lives growing up are completely different.   Since they were already a teenager and know what it's like, they try to enforce me not to make the same mistakes they did so I can learn from them and so I will do a better job than they did. I think that is what most parents want from their kids.   To do better then they did.   Since parents went through it they know how most things will turn out if you make a certain mistake or decisions.   For the most part growing up is something that can't really be taught.   There are so many different times in your life where you are forced to grow up even if you don't want to.   For instance, when some kids get out of high school, some don't want to leave from that protective shell but others do.   In high school your parents are still taking care of you and if you mess up they will be there to help you out and for some kids it's hard to leave that shell.   Not only high school but in your whole life there are experiences that help you grow up.
When I was little life was good.   I didn't have to worry about a thing.   The only thing I cared about was having fun.   The young life was great because you had no responsibilities.   You didn't have to work because you parents took care of everything.   The only thing I looked forward to was my birthday, Christmas, and hanging out with friends.   It was so fun because you had an imagination.   Your bed could turn into a space ship taking a journey into outer space, Santa Claus was real and you would stay up as late as you could to try and catch a glimpse of him but end up falling asleep only to wake up to your mother saying you missed him....

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