Unit 4 Congruent Triangles Homework 5-6

Friday - 3/4


We began working in Unit 4 today.  We completed the notes for Section 4.1, where we defined Congruent Triangles, as well as Congruent Polygons.  We also started to form the logical reasoning behind many of the proofs we'll do this unit.


HW: Complete Pg 120 #'s 10, 11.  Also, complete ws 4.1.


Notes:4.1 Notes



Monday - 3/7


Today we started the notes for Section 4.2.  We learned about 3 new Postulates: SSS, SAS, ASA.  These are used to Prove Why Triangles are Congruent.  


HW: Complete ws 4.2.


Notes: 4.2 Notes



Tuesday - 3/8


We completed the notes for Section 4.2 today.  We looked at a few more examples of Proofs, then spent the remainder of class completing proofs on our own.


HW: Complete ws 4.2 - Proofs.  Check your work with the answer key.  Also, complete ws 4.2-2 - Proofs.  Check your work with the answer key.


Notes:4.2 Notes 



Wednesday - 3/9


Today we spent the majority of the class practicing more proofs from Sections 4.2 and 4.3.  In Section 4.3 we learned how to use CPCTC to prove we have Midpoints, Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines, and Angle Bisectors.  At the end of class we briefly reviewed what will be covered on tomorrow's quiz.


HW: Study for tomorrow's quiz.  You should complete ws 4.3 - Proofs.  Check your work with the answer key.  Also, go back and look at the following problems from the text: Pg 119 #'s 1-8, Pg 120 #'s 1-7, 9, and Pg 132 #'s 1-5.  


Notes: 4.3 Notes



Thursday - 3/10


We started class with our quiz on Sections 4.1-4.3.  After the quiz we completed the notes for Section 4.4.  We looked at everything there is to know about Isosceles Triangles.  We looked at the specific parts of these triangles as well as two important theorems that linked the length of sides with the measure of angles in a triangle.


HW: Complete Pg 137 #'s 1-8 and Pg 136 #'s 1-4.


Notes: 4.4 Notes



Friday - 3/11


We started class with some extra practice with Isosceles Triangles.  We used the Isosceles Triangle Theorem and its Converse to find missing angle measures and side lengths.  Next, we started the notes for Section 4.5, which covers two new methods for Proving Triangles Congruent: HL and AAS.


HW: none


Notes: 4.5 Notes



Monday - 3/14


Today we completed the notes for Section 4.5.  We spent some extra time practicing proofs that include HL and AAS.  We finished class by starting the notes for Section 4.7 on Altitudes, Medians and Perpendicular Bisectors.


HW: Complete ws 4.5 Proofs.  Check your work with the answer key.  


Notes: 4.5 Notes and 4.7 Notes



Tuesday - 3/15


We started class by completing the notes for Section 4.7.  We reviewed the definitions of Medians and Altitudes, and also looked at how Perpendicular and Angle Bisectors relate to different types of triangles.  After some practice we completed the notes for Section 6.4.  In this section we looked at the relationships between angle measures and the sides that are opposite them.  We also discussed the Triangle Inequality Theorem, which states that any two sides of a triangle must add up to be greater than the third.


HW: Complete ws 6.4.


Notes: 4.7 Notes and 6.4 Notes



Wednesday - 3/16


We spent today reviewing for tomorrow's test on Unit 4.  We got in groups and worked on a number of problems from different sections in the book.


HW: Complete the following and be ready to hand it in tomorrow: Pg 132 #'s 1-5, Pg 160 #'s 1-16, 18, Pg 162 #'s 1-18, Pg 222 #'s 1-12.


Notes: none



Thursday - 3/17


Today was test day for Unit 4.  After the test we took a look at how to Solve Quadratic Equations, which was a review from Algebra I.


HW: none


Notes: none


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