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Defining Myself Essay

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Sometimes a person may feel that they have no purpose in life. Finding out who you are just takes the time of sitting down and thinking of the importance in your life. Who am I? I am Mercedes Kimberly Kingston, and I am a person with different personalities, characteristics, and identities. The many ways, in which I identify myself, in fact, are the ways that define who I am. My Identity is something only I can fully define. I have a little brother, which makes me a sister; I have two loving parents, which makes me a daughter; I am in college studying medicine, which makes me a student; and I have wonderful friends in desperate need of support, which makes me a wonderful best friend. Before anything, I am a big sister to…show more content…

It is seen as an essential part of learning and using what you learn in class. But when you get loads of class work and have very little time to finish it, then it becomes an unnecessary burden. Yet, sometimes, for me, it is the fact that I procrastinate that prevents me from completing a task. For college student, like myself who is working to pay for college, large amounts of class work usually brings lots of stress and fear of not being able to get good grades in many of my classes. Yet, I have support from my family, friends, and some peers who encourage me to put up a good fight in reaching my goal. I am a student that has gone through so much to get here, where I am. There were times that I had strong feelings that I would never be in college, just because of the negative energy I forced upon myself. Since pre-K, I have had this problem that if I can't do something I just give up, and stop trying. I still have this problem, but I have learned to get a control on it. The biggest problem was graduating from high school. I never thought that I would ever graduate. But I knew, as a student, I should at least try and show my teachers that I am putting effort. And now, I'm in college, studying pre-med, and hoping to become either a pediatrician, or a NFL Doctor. Growing up as a daughter to a single mom, was, I think, the best experience ever. I was, and am still, very spoiled. I always had everything that I ever wanted. And

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Personal Self Assessment Essay

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Self assessment is a process in which you examine yourself in attempt to discover and learn more about yourself. Your likes, dislikes, behaviors, attitudes and habits can be found during this process. You can use the discoveries to your advantage by accepting or changing strengths and weaknesses. I plan on using this course to enhance my personal skills to become a better student and find success in earning my Bachelor of Arts degree at Ashford University in Social Science. Self Assessment is the first step in my successful future.
I can remember in high school, it seemed like I was always one of the last students finished with a test.
I was sometimes slower at completing a written paper or an assignment. In open discussions…show more content…

I have discovered some interesting things I have noticed in myself before taking this course. For example, my learning style I have noticed is the visual learning style.

With this, I prefer to see and read information to full gain comprehension. If I forget the data, or not clearly understand it the first time read, I have the option of reading it over. I do not always trust myself to absorb all information the first time around. I take a lot of notes to look at. Notes help me remember even though I may not read the again, I can refer to them in my mind after writing them down. I am not sure if just anyone reading them would get anything out of it, but at least I know what they mean.
I like to take my time with material, but am not always given the allotted time to do so. I also like to keep a written list of things to do to refer to. I am comfortable with my learning style, accepted it as my very own. I am not sure if changing it this late in life is such a good idea. I have got by this far, it must work out for me.
I have identified my personality style as being extroverted, one who becomes easily energized by others, and outwardly expressing thoughts as long as I am fully understanding context and material being discussed. If I have no idea what is being addressed, I am better of keeping quiet to save myself from

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